Sylvia Gersen: “A bachelorette is an opportunity to date different men” | Backbite

“Introducing celibacy was a dream come true”

Fortunately, Geersen received support from Monica Geuze, who first presented the program. And she did it with great pleasure. “I really understand when people get involved in the programme, because it’s such an amazing adventure. And for me it’s been so much fun helping Sylvia.”

Geuze himself will soon not be participating in the program. “I loved doing it so much. As a huge fan of the show, it was a dream come true.”

Joey’s announce She recently announced that she has stopped vlogging after eight years. You will focus more on applying in the coming period. “Presenting is something I love to do. And it certainly doesn’t have to be just shows that I like to watch myself, as long as the format appeals to me. Conversely, I also watch enough shows that I don’t really want to do anything.”

Geersen can’t reveal the results of her search for love. She is content with choosing men who have entered the battle to conquer her heart. “I passed the showrunners on guys I liked and then they started looking for guys who would fulfill my desires. And they did a good job.”

The Bachelorette With Geersen can be seen on Videoland from Thursday.

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