Swedish apartment sold with dead occupant still inside

Swedish apartment sold with dead occupant still inside

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Buying an abandoned apartment in Sweden brought a shocking surprise to the new owner: the old owner. Not only did the elderly gentleman seem to have died in his house years ago, he also missed it while appraising and viewing the apartment.

The house in Gothenburg was put up for sale in May because the occupant had not paid his bills. The warden showed the apartment in the state in which it was found, according to Swedish media, full of rubbish and smelling of rubbish.

The gang’s body of the old owner wasn’t found until weeks after it was purchased in June. Police said the resident, a man in his 80s, would have been dead for at least two years. His alleged embalmed remains were partially hidden under a bed.

Don’t look around

The man’s daughter says she has been away from her father for years. However, she is surprised that the apartment has not been properly searched and that the janitor has not called the family to find out where the old occupant has gone. She also wants his personal belongings back.

A spokesperson for the government trustee who sold the apartment said that for privacy reasons, the old residents’ property was not crossed extensively and therefore the body was lost. According to her, approaching relatives is not part of the protocol.

It is common to find the old owner dead in foreclosure sales, she adds.

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