April 2, 2023

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Sweden wants you to see the real Kallax, and that's not the closet in the living room |  Abroad

Sweden wants you to see the real Kallax, and that’s not the closet in the living room | Abroad

An amazing campaign from Sweden: with Discover the originals The Scandinavian country hopes you’ll look up the place after your favorite IKEA furniture. For example, “Welcome to Pullmen” is now written on a sign in a Swedish lake. “More than just an IKEA toilet brush.”

Ikea furniture names don’t appear out of the blue. Trash Toftan, for example, is named after a lake in central Sweden, and the beloved bamboo lamp Misterhult? This archipelago includes at least two thousand islands. Internationally, these places remain unknown, and the Swedes want to do something about it.

Ikea is now so popular all over the world that a simple search for locations yields little. For example, if you google “Kallax”, there is little chance that you will find the area in Lapland. You may now see a chest of drawers in all kinds of colors. Even in Bodviken, a mountain lake that has been declared a UNESCO heritage site, you will find only a basin.

Kallax is a village in Lapland, but it is known to many for its handcrafted chest of drawers at IKEA. © Mihai Novak / Visit Sweden

More than just a toilet brush

Discover the originals Connect 21 well-known IKEA furniture to the site they are named after to make it as iconic as the products themselves. Visit Sweden’s Nils Persson explains to CNN that the Swedes have nothing against Ikea names. “We are proud of Ikea, and in a way you can say it helped us make Swedish places famous by naming them after her.” But, Pearson added, it’s now time to “show the origins of product names.”

Villagers near Pullmen, the lake after which the toilet brush is named, are delighted with the new campaign: “We appreciate that IKEA has named a product after our beautiful lake, but now we want to show the world that Pullmen is more than just something you use,’ wrote Councilman Magnus Gunnarsson in a statement. to clean your toilet. The banners will remain standing for some time, so IKEA fans can enjoy themselves Travel the entire catalog.

Watch the video below in which Visit Sweden announces its new campaign:

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