Sweden opens Europe’s first satellite launch base | Economie

Sweden opens Europe's first satellite launch base |  Economie

Satellites will be able to go into space from the European mainland next year. On Friday, the so-called satellite port was opened at the Esrange space base in northern Sweden.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the satellite port “provides a self-contained European gateway into space”. It should make European space travel less dependent on Russia, among other countries.

There are ten countries in the world that can launch satellites into space. For example, the European Space Agency ESA uses launch sites in French Guiana and Russia. But the European continent itself did not yet have such a basis, although work is underway in several places.

Satellites have become increasingly important in recent years. They make it easier to navigate, manage traffic, and monitor climate change and natural disasters. But it also maintains that it is helping the Ukrainian military track down Russian forces.

Within a year, the first Esrange satellite should be able to fly into space. The European Space Agency also wants to test reusable rockets, which can land and be used again on a new flight.

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