Suspected Google Pixel Watch 3 Renders Show a Slightly Thicker Watch – Tablets & Phones – News

This is closer to a sports watch than a full-fledged smartwatch, as many people want to receive messages and actually make NFC payments.

I think what you mean by a “smart” watch is very subjective ;). Since I’ve reached the age where I can’t read small texts on such a small screen, reading messages on my smartwatch is not something I need. I receive a message that the message has been received and from whom, but that was all. It’s the same with a phone call, I see who’s calling me and I can answer if necessary, but I often don’t do the latter, I prefer to pick up my phone, unless I want to ignore the person calling me for a while. :Dr.

NFC payments are a loss, but I can live with that.

However, I’m curious where you ended up with regards to the smartwatch, I was missing that information in your post

Huawei GT2e and then GT4, both 46mm. With both, I/I can go 10 days without recharging in between. This is important to me because I want to keep track of my sleep rhythm.

(I take the privacy implications of wearing a Huawei smartwatch for granted, although I am aware of potential privacy violations using this brand)

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