March 31, 2023

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Surprised by the rise in housing prices after the new episode Buy without watching

Surprised by the rise in housing prices after the new episode Buy without watching

After a long trip through Europe, the couple from Utrecht wanted to buy another house a short distance from their current place of residence. But because Bass and Sophie are both freelance entrepreneurs, it’s no easy feat. Banks are strict.

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In Buying Without Watching, an experienced television moderator purchases a suitable home on an agreed budget for participants who have not yet seen the home for themselves. But even with the help of buying without a view, finding a home at this price was difficult.

In the end, real estate agent Alex manages to find a home for Dress and Sophie. To the great satisfaction of both spouses. But, as the broker Alex himself says: the amounts that are being traded now are strange.

Much remains to be done at home for a woolly dress. There was also asbestos in the ceiling. “If you asked me two years ago if a house like this would cost more than four tons, I would have laughed at you. Prices are ridiculously high now,” Alex says.


Viewers agree on social media. The Interactions Internet prices vary from “475,000 euros not even to buy a decent house: outrageous” to “the housing shortage in the Netherlands is so high that people are buying rubble for four tons including asbestos”.

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