Surprise Buying Without Looking: “You Never Have To Bid So Much”

Surprise Buying Without Looking: "You Never Have To Bid So Much"

In tonight’s episode, we meet Shannon (29) and Sivar (27). The couple lives in the center of Groningen in a small rented apartment, but they would like to return to the country. However, finding a home is not easy. “We see that the market is changing a lot,” Shannon explains. “There are people who have a lot of money and you have to overexpose a lot to qualify for a house. We have left-handed people, so the house on hand is not ours.”

The couple has a clear list of requirements. For example, they want a family house located in a rural area with an area of ​​at least 120 sq.m., 3-4 rooms, of which one is an office, one spacious kitchen and a maximum of 200 sq.m of plot. Their research area is focused on the outskirts of Groningen, on the western side of the city. Real estate agent Alex starts off in good spirits, but soon discovers that it’s not quite as easy as expected. “The housing market in Groningen is terribly overheated,” he concludes. “I’m really frustrated, I thought it would be easier.”

Alex decides there is no other choice but to pay a visit to the couple. “A concession has to be made in terms of space,” Shannon and Sivar tell. “The larger the search space, the greater the chance of success.” The two quickly teach you that east or north of Groningen is not an option. “We don’t want that because of earthquakes,” Shannon explains. “My parents also live on top of it and sometimes an earthquake woke me up. We’ve heard many stories about him.”

Fortunately, they are willing to increase the search area a little further west, with success: Alex buys a beautiful house fairly quickly after his visit. Although contractor Bob is happy with the house, the price causes him a lot of surprise. The house is for sale for 245 thousand euros and Alex was eventually able to buy it for 300 thousand. “We never had to bid that much,” Bob says. “It still seems like a stroke of luck if you compare it to the rest of the Netherlands, but it’s still strange to have to over-expose so much in this region to buy a house.”

However, it turns out that it was worth it, because when Shannon and Siphar saw their new home. Are they free? “Oh shit, I don’t know what to say,” Shannon says awkwardly. “Can you hold me for a moment, because this is not related to anything anymore,” Sefar muttered. “I don’t know where to look!”

buy without looking It can be watched every Monday at 8:30 PM RTL 4.

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