Surinamese journalists do not allow Ronnie Brunswick to see or hear for two months

Surinamese journalists do not allow Ronnie Brunswick to see or hear for two months

Journalists in Suriname began boycotting Vice President Ronnie Brunswick. Brunswijk will not be seen or heard in their messages for at least two months. If he gets the word out at press conferences, the reporters will leave. Extension of the boycott beyond these two months depends on his position.

The vice president lost his credibility this week because his bodyguards assaulted a journalist. Jason Benas of De Ware Tijd took pictures of Brunswick in Parliament as he got into his car. According to Brunswick, Benas rolled into the car. He was not pleased and a quarrel arose.

Benas was brutally beaten to the ground by bodyguards. They also took his phone and he had to go to the hospital for treatment. I have submitted a report. Brunswijk says he is not responsible for the actions of his security officers.

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The Information Service says the government of Suriname regrets these incidents CDS. The Benas announcement will be thoroughly investigated by the public prosecutor’s office “carefully and urgently.” The government announced that it condemns any violation of fundamental freedoms, including freedom of the press.

Brunswijk already had a strained relationship with the press. Reporter Nina Journa said he reacted an overly angry at press conferences when reporters asked him critical questions. Earlier this week.

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