Supreme Court not protecting Trump in tax filing case | Abroad

Supreme Court not protecting Trump in tax filing case |  Abroad

The US Supreme Court gave the green light last night to release former President Donald Trump’s tax records before a parliamentary committee. The court denied a request by Trump’s lawyer to block the transfer of the documents.

The Democratic-led investigative committee should hurry. Because of the recent election results, Trump Republicans will regain power in the House of Representatives from January and could delay the investigation.

Trump has been fighting a legal battle for years to block a parliamentary investigative committee from accessing his tax returns. Trump is the only US president who has refused to release his tax returns. Normally, this would be routine for residents of the White House, but Trump didn’t want to keep up. According to the businessman and former president, his income and debts are a private matter. This refusal to disclose for years has led to a row with Democrats who accuse Trump of cheating.

There are indications that the former president may have actually messed up. For example, the company’s results may have been rigged in the past in order to obtain higher loans from banks.

Dirty laundry

Last week, Trump announced that he would reapply in 2024 He will be a candidate for president. According to angry tongues, the president is mainly concerned with restoring presidential immunity, so that the dirty clothes stay inside.

It is not easy for Trump on the court, as this was the second defeat before the Supreme Court in as many months, and the third this year. In October, the court refused to intervene in the legal battle surrounding the FBI’s search of Trump’s Florida estate, which revealed classified documents. In January, the Supreme Court found no reason why the National Archives should not turn over the documents to the parliamentary committee investigating the storming of the Capitol.

According to observers, the recent rulings of the Supreme Court are remarkable because Donald Trump has in recent years appointed justices there who seemed well disposed towards him. If these conservative justices intended to restore that trust, it turned out to be a miscalculation, much to the amusement of the president’s Democratic critics.

In a post on his social network, Trump himself said the Supreme Court’s action “sets an appalling precedent for future presidents.” He accused the court of being “nothing more than a political body for which our country is paying the price.” Trump concluded, “Why would anyone be surprised that the Supreme Court ruled against me, they always do!”

For example, Donald Trump has announced that he will seek re-election in 2024:

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