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A new section of the Super Nintendo World District, which is part of Universal Studios Japan’s theme park, is planned for 2024. This expansion, entirely dedicated to the Donkey Kong series, will expand the area by approximately 70 percent.

The new area contains According to Nintendo Theme park, Donkey Kong-themed “interactive experiences” and refreshments, plus places to buy merchandise based on the game’s franchise. The environment itself will be given a jungle theme, as this is the home of Donkey Kong. According to the image revealed by Nintendo, the area will also contain a large temple that appears to occupy a large part of the new area. Around the temple is a roller coaster, whose carts are made of miners, to simulate the mining levels from the Donkey Kong Country games.

Universal parks are real amusement parks in the style of De Efteling, in which much attention is paid to the decoration of areas. Each subject area depends on a different Franchise. In the park in Japan, for example, in addition to the Nintendo region, there are also places with Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Minions themes. There are usually only one or two attractions in each area, but the environment is dressed from head to toe to resemble the source material world as closely as possible.

For example, the Super Nintendo World region currently consists of a Mario world, filled with animated enemies and life-size castles from Peach and Bowser. Restaurants are also quite themed, for example, there is Toad’s house where dishes related to mushrooms are served by Toads, who are supposed to bring everything through a screen in the restaurant.

Super Nintendo World Region Opening its doors in February At Universal Studios Japan. A Super Nintendo World District is also planned for Universal theme parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore. It is not yet known if these parks will receive the Donkey Kong expansion.

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