Super Mario Bros Wonder Premium review: Nintendo convinces

Super Mario Bros Wonder Premium review: Nintendo convinces

Reviewing Nintendo games is actually a fairly easy matter. You can assume that the game will be good. The Japanese rarely make mistakes. Is this also the case with Super Mario Bros Wonder? A new platform game starring the well-known mustachioed plumber. Jasper and Koos played the game on their Switch over the weekend. What were their experiences? Will the already-heavy 2023 gaming year get another cracking game? Can Nintendo convince again? You’ll see and hear it all in our excellent Super Mario Bros Wonder review.

Super Mario Bros Wonder review: Is this one of the best Mario games ever?

What is the game about? There’s only one party that can explain this well: Nintendo itself. For this reason, we visited the site and transferred the explanation published there here. “Prince Florian has invited Mario and his friends to visit him, but an uninvited guest causes a huge commotion! While his army crashes the party, Bowser steals a Miracle Flower, allowing him to merge with Prince Florian’s castle and transform into a floating castle! With the Miracle Flower’s power quickly spreading throughout the kingdom , all kinds of weird and wonderful things are happening. Now it’s up to the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Bowser’s Castle! So there’s work to be done for Mario and his team.

The cart became noisy again

Since the first images appeared, this game has been on the editorial team’s agenda. Mario games always do well for us. Old school graphics appealed to our feelings of nostalgia. Moreover, Nintendo always provides cutting-edge and challenging gameplay as well as the necessary dose of innovation. Is that also the case this time? Are the Japanese still able to surprise gamers in a genre in which you think you’ve seen everything? You will hear it in this video.

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