March 21, 2023

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Super Deluxe Yacht for the Belgian King for sale at 1.95 million euros |  show

Super Deluxe Yacht for the Belgian King for sale at 1.95 million euros | show

The yacht on which King Albert II (87) and Queen Paola (83) cruised across the Mediterranean between 2009 and 2019, Alpa IV, is for sale. Asking price: 1.95 million euros. In 2009, the Belgian royal family bought the ship for 4.6 million euros. For years it was the summer meeting place for the royal couple’s sons and grandsons.

Luke Bernaert

Although the palace denied it at the time, Alpa IV, named after Albert and Pa-ola, has been on display since 2014, according to various sources. This was officially the case for a week, as witnessed by the sales site where it was clearly confirmed that it pertains to the yacht of the former Belgian monarch.

The cost of maintenance and fuel for the 27-meter ship, which can accommodate nine guests and four crew members, is a lot of money. Albert II wanted to transfer these expenses to the Belgian state after his abdication, but the government refused.


Even when King bought the ship in August 2009 for 4.6 million, it caused an uproar. The country was in the midst of an economic crisis and King Albert had criticized the materialist society in his July 21 speech a month earlier. The fact that the ship was not owned by the Ministry of Defense, but still sailed under the flag of the Belgian Navy, caused an uproar.

Queen Paula did not understand that people could criticize this. This was her favorite way of traveling, she loved freedom from the paparazzi at sea,” says Brigitte Balfort, Flemish Royal Watch. “The ship was where they welcomed Princess Claire and her children and sometimes Princess Astrid and her family in the summer.”

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The palace does not wish to provide information on the “private affairs” of the former royal couple.

King Albert and Queen Paula have enjoyed the Alba 4 yacht for years, and it was purchased in 2009 for €4.6 million. The ship sailed under the flag of the Belgian Navy, although it was not owned by the Ministry of Defense. © Albert and Paola and their yacht Alpa IV.