February 1, 2023

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Suggestion and the house: in buying without consideration can not beat happiness

Suggestion and the house: in buying without consideration can not beat happiness

Jurgen and Elise live together in an upstairs apartment in a busy area of ​​Rotterdam. Jurgen bought the house about four years ago and lived there with Elise for a year. In fact, the two are very satisfied with the house, but to a lesser degree than the neighborhood in which they are located. Looking to the future, the two are looking for a home in a comfortable, kid-friendly neighborhood, preferably near Rotterdam.

What makes the search for the two somewhat difficult is that they are not on hand and are therefore looking for a home that is already ready to move into. They also prefer a single family home with a south facing garden with at least three bedrooms. The budget of the spouses is 470 thousand euros. When participants are usually told strictly by Bob that they have to shorten their wish list, Jurgen and Elise are advised to be more specific. Alex and Bob must know which direction to look. The couple eventually decided that they would prefer a spacious, modern house in Rotterdam, Krimpen aan den IJssel, or Capelle aan den IJssel. A wish Alex can afford.

The real estate agent soon stumbles upon a beautiful home that fulfills all of the couple’s desires. Located in Krimpen aan den IJssel, it is spacious, modern and requires a bit of a renovation. When Martijn Krabbé visited the couple to share the good news with them, it turns out that Jurgen fell in love with Elise. Love explodes from the screen and the two continue to shower some kisses until the end of the episode.

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When the two see their new home, they are overjoyed. “I think everything is so beautiful that I have almost no words,” Jurgen stutters. Elise is totally pleased and says she is “very happy”. Because of their enthusiastic reactions, you’ll almost forget that the house isn’t finished yet and that Bob and Ross are going to be a little changed. There will be a new bathroom, a beautiful kitchen island, a new facade and new flooring. When Jurgen and Elise came to admire the end result, they couldn’t believe their luck. “I feel just like John de Beaver, I can’t get the smile off my face,” Elise said.

It was easy for Bob and Ross this time, but that’s definitely not always the case.