Studio Head Arkan: “We’re in the shadow of Bethesda” | News

Studio Head Arkan: "We're in the shadow of Bethesda" |  News

Redfall vs. Starfield

written by Eric Nusselder op

Harvey Smith, head of studio for developer Arkane Studios, sometimes feels he’s been overshadowed by other Bethesda studios.

Smith reveals his discoveries in a new interview with PC games. He talks about his 15-year career at Arkane, where he shot many games. According to him, the timing of those releases sometimes conflicts with other big games from Bethesda.

“I’ve been working there for 15 years, and you could tell I’ve been in the shadow of Bethesda Games Studios all that time,” says Smith. “We put a great game like Dishonored, they put f*cking Skyrim, and that’s the biggest thing ever. We put Dishonored 2 – the best game I’ve ever made – and they do some really cool Fallout stuff. Something.”

However, he also calls it an advantage of being a smaller studio within a publisher with many large developers. “It takes the pressure off us, honestly. Arkane is often the underdog, we’re smaller than most teams. It would be awful if you felt bad about it, like, ‘Oh, I’m in company with a lot of other good teams making other matches.'” This is a strong point for us.”

Also this year, the studio will release a new game around the same time as another major Bethesda game. Redfall will be released on May 2, while the highly anticipated Starfield will be released on September 6.

Smith isn’t worried that Redfall will be overshadowed by that game. “Starfield is going to be a big thing and will delight a lot of people for years to come, but it’s very different from Redfall. There is some overlap in the audience, but not quite, and we really have a different tone. But I’m glad they’re there and I’ll be playing a lot in Starfield.”

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