Streaming service HBO Max will change its name to Max in 2024 in the Netherlands – Audio & Vision – News

HBO Max has been rebranded and will be called Max next year in the Netherlands. It’s presumably a cross-platform between HBO and discovery+, so the HBO name will be dropped. HBO Max plans to provide more details about the name change later.

Just like the current streaming service, Max receives HBO Originals, series and movies, The company announced on Twitter. It is unknown if the service will have different pricing after that and if the discount customers received on an HBO Max subscription will continue. When HBO Max was introduced, the service promised subscribers a fifty percent discount “forever”, provided they purchased a subscription before a certain date. HBO Max says it wants to provide more clarity about pricing “including any shows” later on.

The streaming service has been active in the Netherlands since March last year. The name change is probably due to a combination of the discovery of the streaming service +. In the US, these two streaming services will merge this summer. The technology and content of the two services are combined. Later this combined service will reach other countries. This merger is possible because the parent companies of HBO and Discovery + merged last year. Both services are not yet available in Belgium.

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