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Every time Twitch streamer KeatDawg falls into Jump King, there’s a chance he’ll get a wet suit. He made a chair that he would drop into the water tank if he fell in the game. The more likely it will fall as the number of viewers increases.

KeatDawg has created a chair where the seating area can fall the moment it falls into the game. His gaming headset hangs on a wire if the streaming device falls into the water tank, so that the device is not damaged. After each fall into the water tank, the streamer must manually reset the chair and return it to the seated position. At the time of writing, KeatDawg . was Got a wet suit at least 344 timesalthough he died a lot in the game.

By default, a streamer has a ten percent chance of getting wet after his character falls. The percentage increases as more viewers join his broadcast. The number of snares and dips are displayed live on the KeatDawg stream, as well as the chance that the chair will drop it into the water tank. KeatDawg usually broadcasts games like Minecraft and Overwatch. Jump King streams started with a water tank in early August.

Jump King is a side-scrolling platformer game released in 2019. The PC game costs €12.99. In the game, players have to climb a tower without falling down. KeatDawg has fallen into the game at least 942 times.

Photo: KeatDawg

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