Stewards criticize FIA ​​’incompetence’ in battle against track limits

Stewards kritisch op

Administrators decided on Thursday that Haas’s fight would not proceed because the committee could not provide ‘new and significant’ evidence. In the same document, the stewards express their criticism of the FIA ​​because they believe it will be more difficult to enforce track limits if the motorsport association does not provide evidence.

On Thursday, the maids started working in protest of American Haas. The stewards had to dismiss the protest because the track limits could be seen on internal images and were already available during the race, so no ‘new’ evidence was provided. However, the stewards voiced their criticism of the FIA ​​while explaining that they recognized a certain inability to enforce track limits and rejected the protest.

Administrators need to find a solution soon

Therefore, the stewards want to see a quick solution from the International Motorsport Association. ‘Despite the formal conclusion of this decision, the maids [van Haas]After looking at individual evidence showing possible violations at the apex of Turn 6, they found an inability to properly enforce the current standard on-track limits for all competitors. “We strongly recommend that a solution be implemented quickly to prevent this widespread problem from recurring,” the stewards wrote.

Track limitations are often a problem

Track limitations are often a problem. For example, during the Grand Prix weekend in Austria, there were no fewer than 1,200 cases where drivers could be seen outside the white lines with four wheels. The race setup at the Red Bull Ring will install gravel traps next year, which is expected to reduce the number of track limits exceeded. However, the administrators have demanded a permanent solution. “Given the number of different circuits where significant track limit issues have arisen this season, the FIA ​​has already made significant progress with the circuits and further solutions should be found before the start of the 2024 season,” executives said. say

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