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Steelseries has updated the Arctis 7 series of gaming headsets. The new Arctis 7+ and 7P+ now have USB-C ports, longer battery life, and faster charging speeds. Headphones are also available immediately.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P +

Steelseries states that fully charged headphones now last about 30 hours, compared to about 24 hours with the previous generation. In addition, the company claims that the headset can be used for 3 hours after 15 minutes of a quick charge. However, the computer or console may not be able to supply the required current and users will have to provide a more powerful transformer for this.

Although the 7+ and 7P+ use USB-C for charging, there is still a small USB-like port on the headphones. It is intended for use with embedded proprietary 3.5mm to USB Mini-P E-Sky Cable. This allows the audio signal to be transmitted wired. SteelSeries does not explicitly state what this connector is, but Tom’s manual, which has a file reconsidering Of the new headphones, do not use the word proprietary. The headset also has a regular 3.5mm port, but this is for “sharing” the audio output with another device.

Moreover, the two new headphones are very similar to their predecessors. It supports surround sound, has a retractable microphone and the dongle works on PC, Mac, Switch, PS5, PS4, Android devices and Ocusus Quest 2. Xbox and Plus variant are not mentioned 7X, intended for Xbox, not shown. The big difference between the two is that 7P+ supports its own 3D sound especially for the PlayStation 5. The wheel is also for another function in the two models: with 7P, it controls the “chat mix”, which controls the relative sound difference between the game and, for example, Discord, And with the 7P+ controlling the “side-side”, for example, the amount of microphone input is also reflected in the headphone amplifiers.

from 7+ Available in black and 7P+ In black and white. Steelseries asks for €199 for both the 7+ and the 7P+. This is the same price that Steelseries is asking for the non-extra variants, but the previous generation of these headphones is available at a lower price at other points of sale. Plus variants don’t appear to be on sale outside of SteelSeries yet.

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