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Then you see those games as unsupported, just like Switch, for example, doesn’t support certain games. For example, you have to buy games from Nintendo with the Switch and you can’t play Horizon: Zero Dawn on the Switch, for example. However, these points are not perceived as a negative point of the switch in the reviews.

I don’t think this comparison works. The Switch is not positioned as a device to play games that are not available on the Switch, Steamdeck is positioned there and against it as a device to play Steam games.

To quote Valve their own site

Once you log into Steam Deck, your entire Steam library will appear, just like on any other computer.

I don’t see an option on the Switch to buy and play Horizon Zero Dawn, I see an option here to play Destiny 2.

Your comparison to the Switch is why I don’t think this is a consumer product at the moment. This isn’t a Switch experience, it’s a hobby experience. This is how the whole product feels to me.
Which is fine, but I think there will be quite a few frustrated people who see it as a switch, but for PC gaming. Unfortunately it is not.

You then have to put into context that what Deck offers is not for everyone, and adjust your target groups for review accordingly.

I disagree, and that’s because of how Valve put it. I think their marketing is very broad. Maybe it will be better in a year but for now choices have been made that make me and not my girlfriend the target audience. He was excited, but never touched it again and went back to the Switch and the desktop.

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