Starfield’s main mission takes thirty to forty hours – Games – News

The problem is that a lot of those side quests are clearly lower-level. If you spend 5 or 6 years in a game, where those first years are pure engine development, assets, etc. Why not devote more time to the 100 side quests which can easily be anywhere from 2-10 hours per task. Because once you create the engine, assets, physics, etc., you have more time for locations and tasks.

I think people often focus on the main task when there is a lot of potential to keep people at your game. But then don’t sell the DLC, do you…

Skyrim had a mod out there that added hundreds of unique characters and quests, and it makes the game that much better. But projects like this are slow because they are community projects for people who only have X time in a day. And adding that content later is tricky, especially if there are constant updates, like you’re in the alpha game and things can get messy.

Personally, I would love to see a game like this, where people are constantly adding content with a subscription form. Well tested and high standard content. Not from: Game Over, Unload 99% of the team and 1% are doing updates and working on DLC with additional assets we didn’t put in the game at release.

I’d like to see a world you can live in, your little house, a little life, and no, it’s not a MMORPG where it’s filled with (idiots) breaking immersion, constantly sitting and jumping, constantly walking around, Pken etc. .

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