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Starfield on Xbox Series X and S runs at 30fps. from U.S performanceA situation where graphics, resolution, or both go down and FPS goes up, is out of the question. The maker “doesn’t want to compromise” and promises “consistency”; The game can often run above 30fps.

This says Bethesda CEO Todd Howard In an interview with IGN. He stresses that Bethesda’s RPG worlds are always large, open, and highly detailed and that “anything can happen in them”. Howard doesn’t want to “sacrifice” that and cares deeply about the reliability of his non-fluctuating frame rate. The fact that the frame rate exceeds 30fps and sometimes 60fps means that the console sometimes has to work with less effort, given the a lock What is Howard talking about? Moreover, the game runs at 1440p on Series S and 4K on Series X.

Modern consoles support higher refresh rates than before: the Xbox series can output a 120Hz picture, as can the PlayStation 5, which Starfield does not support. The consoles also support variable refresh rates, which makes frame rate changes less annoying to watch and Screen tearing Eliminates. Game makers are free to take advantage of this, by reducing the quality of the images so that the frame rate can be increased.

Bethesda also released a great deal of new information about Starfield during a special presentation yesterday. The game will be released on September 6 for Windows and the latest generation Xbox.

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