Star Citizen has raised more than $500 million – Games – News

A scam means it is a scam. You can say a lot about Star Citizen, but it is not.

There is only a team of developers working on the game and there is an alpha version that can be played and gets updates every now and then. If it was just a scam, people would be making money and not giving more than just nice talk.

What is Star Citizen is a textbook example of bad management. The man who invented it, Chris Roberts, has a checkered history in the game development world. He is someone with a great vision, but he does not manage a team efficiently to complete the project well. He previously worked at Freelancer, but after much delay and scope creep, he was eventually removed from the project by Microsoft, after which the game could be completed under new management.

You see the same thing with Star Citizen: Chris Roberts has very big (and interesting) plans, but fails to guide development to a well-defined end stage in a reasonable way. However, since he is in charge of the studio, there will be no one to replace him this time with someone who can finish the project. Because that’s what Star Citizen needs: an experienced project manager as the senior president, alongside Roberts as the creative director.

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