Star Citizen Creator Shares First Squadron 42 Gameplay From 2017 – Gaming – News

Cloud Imperium Games published the first gameplay of Squadron 42 back in 2017. The company is calling the game a “feature finish,” but has yet to announce a release date. The single-player counterpart to Star Citizen was originally scheduled for release in 2014.

The company showed the trailer at the CitizenCon event, adding: “We have reached the polishing stage in the development journey and are now focusing on refining and improving the entire gaming experience.” The trailer shows off some new gameplay mechanics, including a revamped loot system, destructible walls, and an updated stealth system. The developer has also improved the quality of graphics and faces and details can be seen about the different mission objectives.

CIG was initially set to release Squadron 42 in 2014, but delayed the game during that time. The company last provided information about the release date in 2016 and communications on the matter have been halted since then. Gameplay for the narrative space game was also last shown off in 2017. A developer update is published monthly, which is regularly criticized for its long development process, and Tweakers recently wrote a background article on the past 10 years for Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

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