Staff shortage and track work: Train often doesn’t run this weekend

Staff shortage and track work: Train often doesn't run this weekend

Staff shortages and a string of works on the track mean that there are far fewer trains running than usual this weekend.

Remarkable is the failure of trains due to lack of drivers, conductors and mechanics, reports broadcast west† NS reports that today’s staff shortage means fewer trains between The Hague and Utrecht, The Hague and Amsterdam, between Leiden and Rotterdam and Leiden and Lelystad. Trains between Arnhem, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Barn and between Eindhoven and Wirt have also been cancelled.

In addition, there will be a series of rail works planned, including the high-speed line between Rotterdam and the Belgian border, but also smaller routes such as between Utrecht Central and Amsterdam Central and between Amsterdam Central and Uetjest.

also tomorrow

Almost all of this work will continue all day tomorrow. Staff shortages also have dire consequences. It is already clear that fewer intercity trains operate on Sundays between The Hague and Utrecht and between Rotterdam and Utrecht. Regional carriers, such as Arriva, Report Flights canceled due to staff shortages.

In all cases, train passengers should take into account an additional travel time of about fifteen minutes, NS reports. However, in practice, the travel time can be much longer.

Train simulator has been published

NS lacks not only drivers and conductors, but also ICT personnel, mechanics, safety and service personnel, and shop personnel at the stations. The railway says it has about 1,100 vacancies.

The company tries to recruit new employees in different ways. This is how a train simulator scattered at different stations. In this simulation, you are closely imitated how, as a driver or conductor, you route a city during busy rush hour. Yesterday the simulation was in Deventer station, next week it will be in Rotterdam Central and the next week in Eindhoven Central.

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