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Spotify is running tests with users so that audio feedback can be recorded when listening to playlists. Once this comment is recorded, it will appear on the user’s account as a podcast episode.

Vietnamese Reddit user Mortical 219 Post a screenshot of Spotify playlist overview window in Spotify for Android app. Shows an icon in which a voice response can be recorded. When you click on the icon, a new window appears with the question what the playlist user thinks and below that a button to record a portion of the audio. This part can be recorded all at once, or in several parts. can sound According to TechCrunch It can then be edited and background music can also be added.

Spotify also displays a banner displaying some terms. For example, recording of hate speech or offensive content is not allowed and music recording is prohibited while recording a voice response.

It is not clear if and when the feature will be rolled out to other users. Spotify was also tested earlier this year Experimental feature This allowed users in New Zealand to record, edit and publish podcasts through the app. Spotify has not yet shared any information on whether and when this feature will be rolled out.

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