Spotify comes with more innovations, what do you think of the new design? (+ poll)

Spotify comes with more innovations, what do you think of the new design?  (+ poll)

Spotify recently revamped the design and layout of the app. For example, this month it came with a new home screen and they are currently testing a new user profile UI. Among other things, there will be a function that will make it easier to discover music and follow people. what do you think of the new design?

New user profile

Spotify is the opposite Techcrunch Confirm that he is formatting a new user profile. If you go to your profile page now, there isn’t much to see yet. For example, you only see your photo set, the number of followers, the people you follow, and the playlists created. However, this must change.

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For example, the layout will soon be shown in a card style and will be more of a social media profile in terms of design. For example, you will likely be able to see how long someone has been subscribed to the service, what type of subscription someone has, and what country they are in. You will also find a button where you can follow that person directly. In addition, there will be a new ‘Discover more features’ button where the app will give you advice to get more out of the app and your listening experience. It also says “Show more cards”, so more functionality will likely be added later.

user on Twitter I saw the post first and also posted some pictures, which you can find below. Some users reported that they already have the new profile page. Reverse Techcrunch Spotify says it’s testing the feature in different markets, but a stable update isn’t yet distributed. When it will come is not yet known.

New Spotify profile page. picture: Chris Messina on Twitter

New Spotify design and layout, what do you think?

Spotify introduced a completely new home screen layout at the beginning of this month. When you open it now, your most listened to podcasts and albums will appear at the top, but the party really starts at the bottom. In a TikTok-like environment, you can scroll through various podcast episodes, music tracks, and albums. Episode or song preview starts instantly too on hover. With the new design, Spotify wants to ensure that people can discover new things faster and easier.

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In our editorial office, we are not entirely positive about the new design. I do not consider it successful. The home screen – which has become less noticeable over the years – is now a bit of a mess as you can no longer easily find certain albums or audio files. Discovering music and podcasts is far from ideal in my opinion, if only because the suggested music and podcasts aren’t even close to my favorite genres.

Now Spotify is getting bigger and the app is offering more and more stuff. It is not just a streaming app anymore. Over the years, podcasts, audiobooks, and live audio have been added, among other things. Putting all of this into one app — called Spotify — isn’t easy. I don’t think Spotify is on track for this at the moment.

What do you think of the new Spotify format? Let us know in the poll or comments below this article.

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