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Samsung has been putting out a minimal “upgrade” for its flagships every year for years. It’s nothing new and incrementally a little better. fact; I think if you look for a longer period of time it gets worse. the regeneration rate is getting smaller and smaller; Where, for example, the headphone jack used to be common, now you have to solve it with Bluetooth. There is still such a thing as a cable for the best sound quality. But Samsung is not the best. This also applies to almost all smartphone manufacturers, with different features, such as wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S line is always beautiful in terms of design. Overall clean lines, good finish and hardware. On the other hand, the software isn’t always that great and I’d rather not see its special “features”.

If you really want something innovative, you’ll probably have to wait for the new manufacturer to do things completely differently, as OnePlus did in the past. Unfortunately, they also succumbed to standardized sausage and high prices for something that no longer felt premium at all.

I’m sticking with the OnePlus 7T Pro right now because of that nice front-facing camera and fast loading time; Although now the battery is getting worse and the device is no longer receiving updates. It’s still pretty good spec-wise (it even has a better screen and resolution than some of the newer flagships) and with good custom ROMs I could probably last another year or two.

After that, I hope there will be something innovative again and I am willing to pay a heavy price for it.

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