Spanish archbishop apologizes for sensational cathedral video

Spanish archbishop apologizes for sensational cathedral video

Within hours of the clip’s release, complaints were pouring into church leaders. People wondered why a hot video was filmed in one of Spain’s most famous churches. Some priests say the video “greatly offends God”.

in a Permit The archbishop now says he is “deeply sorry” for what happened. He said he was not aware of the project, the content, and the end result. He says the diocese will be stricter in the future “to ensure that something similar does not happen again”.

Repentance song

The dean of the diocese had given permission for the recordings. He defended this by saying that the song presents “a story of transformation through human love”. Quote from the song’s chorus: “I was an atheist, but now I believe, because a miracle like you must have come down from heaven.”

The dean admitted that the video contained “provocative images” but said it did not offend anyone’s faith. He could even help bring back those who had strayed from the church, he said. “We are sorry that some people may be upset. We ask forgiveness for hurting their feelings. The goal has always been to support a dialogue with contemporary culture, always respecting the faith of the Church.”

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