SpaceX gets green light to launch Starship, first test flight April 17 – IT Pro – News

Since the very beginning of the SpaceX launch, I’ve been following them. They have a lot of innovative ideas, through which they are really changing this industry. The fact that sometimes these new ideas don’t work immediately as expected is not a problem, and keep testing until a widely used method of space travel succeeds.

Also all And Landing this huge rocket, is another milestone I don’t want to miss because if it goes right it’s something to remember and if it goes wrong (after everything that can happen) it’s a huge blast.
If the Falcon 9 landing was the most normal thing in the world these days, then the SuperHeavy and StarShip landings would be quite a spectacle!

Fortunately, SpaceX also has good PR, with live broadcasts of every launch. It often explains a lot and almost “everything” can be seen live.

The launch can be viewed via several “channels” and, for example, via EverydayAstronaut as well: :

You can also watch 24/7: By the way, it’s now (11:15) dark and hazy, so not much to see.

Tomorrow I’m going to sit in front of my laptop well in advance and then slide more and more to the edge of my seat, until:…..

Go go go SpaceX go go go spaceship!!!

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