SpaceX Allowed to Place Transceiver Dishes in Moving Vehicles in the US | Now

SpaceX Allowed to Place Transceiver Dishes in Moving Vehicles in the US |  Now

Space company SpaceX has reportedly been granted permission to place Starlink transceiver dishes on moving vehicles in the United States. US Telecommunications Commission FCC Thursday. For example, in the US, you can put a Starlink dish in your camper or boat to keep internet in remote locations.

Now that the FCC has cleared it, SpaceX can work on developing a new type of dish that can connect to Starlink satellites. The Telecom Authority has also given the same permission to Kepler Communications, a satellite company. Not sure when the new dishes will be available from Starling.

“Allowing a new type of antenna for SpaceX’s satellite system will expand the range of broadband capabilities,” the FCC writes. “Demand is growing from users who need connectivity whether driving an RV across the country or traveling by plane.”

Starlink dishes now available must be in a stable state to access the system. Customers can use it on payment The portability option has been there since last month† This allows them to take their receiver dish and connect to the Internet from anywhere.

Starlink operates through a large network of satellites in space. Users buy a hardware kit from the company for 639 euros and get a dish to access the Internet among other things. SpaceX founder Elon Musk came up with the service to provide stable Internet access to remote areas on Earth.

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