March 30, 2023

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Soof 3 review overview: "The Last Serious Chord with the Necessary Air" |  Movies and TV shows

Soof 3 review overview: “The Last Serious Chord with the Necessary Air” | Movies and TV shows

للأسف لا يمكن عرض هذا المحتوىليس لدينا إذن لملفات تعريف الارتباط الضرورية. الرجاء قبول ملفات تعريف الارتباط لعرض هذا المحتوى.

De Volkskrant – 4 stars

“Soof is ready for something new,” was the concluding sentence from the previous sentence soof-Review in de Volkskrant. Synopsis: After the heroine Sof maneuvers through a marital and identity crisis in the first romantic comedy, in the inevitable sequel (from 2016), there’s little at stake in the inevitable sequel (from 2016).

“No one will say that 3 . will, the last chord of the series, which can now finally be seen in cinemas after a significant delay due to Corona. “It might be boring,” Sovov’s narration voices in the introductory voiceover, “but for now it’s going well.” Then the woman of the coccus, when she rests for a while from cooking, feels her hand between the breast and the armpit: Hello, crazy lump. ”

soof It doesn’t take new paths in the genre, but is populated with slightly more human characters. They were played by excellent actors, such as Van Huêt, or Anneke Blok as Soof’s mother, and of course the protagonist Lies Visschedijk; Fits the hair soofLeather is so good that a look or a bit of toning is enough to elevate or tilt the scene.”

De Telegraaf – 3 stars

But when the movie threatens to get too heavy, Sof’s crazy entourage provides the necessary light moments. Sun Bing goes out during his wedding vlogs, and cultural differences with in-laws from India also generate hilarity. 3 . will A big dessert appropriately bids farewell, with a smile and tears, to one of the most famous characters in Dutch cinema.”

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