Sonya thought Farmer Rob loved her in BzV

Sonya thought Farmer Rob loved her in BzV

After farmer Rob (52)’s quarrel with Sonya and Wendy, he took the lead yesterday. He feels butterflies in his stomach because of Wendy. During the adventure “The farmer is looking for a woman”, Sonya received other signals from the beloved farmer.

Sonia is looking at Online video on the site From a farmer’s dating program to her time on the program. I rode the car with mixed feelings, after farmer Rob picked Wendy. “On the one hand, comfort, because I did not feel love. (…) On the other hand, you exist for a purpose. It did not work out, and this is also a small part of the sadness.”

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Sonya feels from the farmer that he loves her. “Throughout the whole process, Rob can look at you intently, which gives you the idea: He loves me.” So Sonya wanted to give him a chance.

However, Wendy’s choice was not a surprise. “I really did feel there was more to Wendy,” Sonya says now. “You’d rather not hear it, but somewhere I already knew. I was at peace with him. It was good.”

Sonya does not regret writing her letter to Rob. She looks back on a “very interesting adventure”. “We laughed and cried and danced and talked. (…) It was just so much fun together.”

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In the past week, Rob has already given several kisses to Wendy and Sonja. You can see all about it in the video below.

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