Sony will pay $3.6 billion to acquire Destiny Bunge studio

I don’t think they went through the entire accounting system in a week looking for any bodies in the closet during their due diligence. In doing so, Sony should attempt to determine whether Bungie is worth the purchase price and what the risks are associated with the proposed acquisition of the company. Typically, due diligence focuses on the financial, tax, legal and business aspects. Achieving the due diligence alone will take longer than these two weeks.

Thereafter, it is still necessary to formulate a purchase agreement (stock purchase agreement or asset purchase agreement) where the terms such as earning, guarantees, indemnities and forbidding obligations (manager) and securities to pay the purchase price and provisions with respect to (non) competition, old securities are recorded, Continuation of existing financing, permits and basic contracts.

Those are just two steps in the whole process. From what I can find, the acquisition process takes an average of 6-12 months. In addition, I forgot about the whole process before discussing the sale, since NDA contracts are always prepared for the people involved in them before any negotiations at all take place.

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