Sony to prevent stacking of PlayStation subscriptions until June – Games – News

Too bad you have to include the demo story. You had a point there and you said that.

This was more to show that you’re entering immediately with a straight leg.

You say the product is no longer available. I think this is nonsense. The product will continue to exist, but Sony has put a little paint on it and put a new name on it. It’s not like they have to follow servers they would otherwise shut down. I’m also not saying that they haven’t changed anything or that the higher price will not be justified, but they are the ones who choose to offer more games and increase the price. It is quite possible to give customers the time specified in the voucher, Sony gets a few euros less income (due to something they caused themselves).

Indeed, Sony chooses this on its own. But now ps cards have not been available in stores for a long time (Sony has taken them out of stores in preparation for this service).

However, there are many parties that have bought these tickets en masse during Black Friday (at 25% off). Then offer it at a low price on obscure websites.

Collectively, users bought these cards just as quickly with the intention of sticking them for years to come in order to hit the high end on the cheap (I did it myself). I also understand that Sony has put an end to this (and then you also have to bear your loss as a user, because you know for what purpose you purchased these cards).

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And it will call out a lot of people (and I’m not talking about you personally, but the people who bought all those tickets). This is not possible, we want the right to that higher level, breach of contract, etc. Then I think you bought these cards with your whole mind for a certain reason… There are quite a few people who are actually victims of these.

Just giving access to the highest level means you have to give a lot of users (who bought all these cards en masse) access for years to a service for which they paid very little. This can be a huge expense for a company. Because you have to buy certain server space from Azure (the Microsoft server that Sony works with). And then it’s a little silly to set the highest standards as a consumer (and you actually have many rights as a consumer).

You also say that if you get a subscription through the store, you can get your money back. True, but it is fundamentally different if you have purchased a voucher from a third party (even if, of course, this voucher is from Sony). I still wouldn’t rule out the possibility of that happening, but I think it would cost them more money than just giving people their membership.

Buying a coupon is not the same as getting a subscription. By signing up, you sign a contract and both parties agree to certain terms. This is not the case with the coupon, it only starts when you claim it. This coupon has a certain value and you should get something similar in return. But the higher tier isn’t comparable, but it’s a more comprehensive subscription.

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You also cannot turn a canceled trip to Greece for which you received a voucher into a trip to an expensive tropical resort.

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