May 28, 2023

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“Sony reveals PS Plus subscription renewal, maybe next week” – Games – News

Sony may reveal the renewal of its PlayStation Plus subscription service next week. The service will consist of three tiers, offering multiplayer services, a game catalog and game streaming.

any Reports Jason Schreyer, Bloomberg’s gaming journalist, cited sources familiar with the case. They add that when the service launches, the service will have a selection of games that will also include “hits from recent years”. The service bears the codename Spartacus.

The cheapest level of service, Essential, is very similar to the current PlayStation Plus. It provides access to Sony’s online services and offers free games every month, which can be played as long as users claim them at the time and have an active PS Plus subscription.

One level higher would be Extra. This is the best compared to Xbox Game Pass. It provides access to a catalog of about 300 games. according to Venturebeat journalist Jeff Grob covers “every game that’s ever been released as a free title on PlayStation Plus,” but it’s coming, tripleFirst-party games like God of War Ragnarök shouldn’t be expected any time soon. Higher subscription tiers also include everything lower tiers include.

The most expensive option is Premium. With cloud streaming, this is very similar to the current PlayStation Now. In addition, this alternative will provide access to classic games from the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP libraries.

The three tiers will cost $10, $13, and $16, respectively. This brings the service close to Xbox Game Pass and its Ultimate variant, which cost $9.99 and $14.99, respectively. PS Plus currently costs $9.99 and PS Now also $9.99, with no way to combine them.

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