Sony releases a 27-inch version of its glasses-free Spatial Reality 3D monitor – PC News

Sony released a larger version of the spatial reality screen. The ELF-SR2 3D monitor version has a 27-inch 4k panel. Like its predecessor, the screen has eye tracking and does not require glasses for 3D content. The screen is not intended for consumers.

The LCD panel has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, a brightness of up to 400cd / m² and supports “almost” the full Adobe RGB color spectrum. Sonny says That the screen has a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and a response speed of 14 ms.

Like the smaller version, the ELF-SR2 has Precise optical lens To divide the image between the left and right eyes. For example, no glasses are needed to see the 3D effects on the screen. The screen uses eye tracking to track the movements of the user’s head allowing the device to animate images on the screen. This allows users to view 3D digital objects from multiple angles, according to Sony.

the manufacture company Don’t just say A larger version, but other parts of the device have also been improved. That’s how it is Vision sensors It has been upgraded with eye tracking, allowing the screen to process user movements faster, some motion blur and crosstalk must counter. There is also an engine that can upscale 2k images to 4k and the device should support more SDKs, including Unity and Unreal Engine. The ELF-SR2 variant can also handle OpenGL, DirectX 11 and 12, and Open XR.

The improved hardware will also mean that the screen requires less fast hardware than its predecessor, according to Sony. The company recommends at least an Intel i5 processor with six cores, a GeForce RTX2070 Super GPU and 16 GB of memory. The monitor supports vesa mounts, comes with a detachable stand and can be connected to HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2.

Sony announced its first spatial reality display at the end of 2020. This first version still has a 15.6-inch panel with the same 4K resolution. The device is not intended for consumer use, but for use in healthcare, the metaverse, in stores, for developing VR or AR applications, or for making 3D models. The ELF-SR2 version will be launched in May in North America, where the device will cost $5,000 USD. Converted excluding VAT this is 4587€, with VAT 5550€. It is not clear if the screen will come to Europe.

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