Sony launches new PlayStation Plus subscriptions in Europe on June 22 – Games – News

I’m primarily a PC gamer, with the occasional trip to the iPad. I’ve bought an Xbox and Xbox360 in the past for a few games, which were then played way too little (for what I’d put in the console + games). Now excellent for connecting to a 4K screen…

Over the years I’ve watched different PS games regularly, but once had something like this, by then I could emulate… and I can do it now everything Lots up to PS3, but not everything works well and He should I want to keep those old toys on the shelf. But for 120 euros a year I wouldn’t make a big deal. I was already looking at PS now, the extra stuff isn’t bad. This might just make me put off buying a new computer a little longer. I bought an HZD for the PC example, but besides complaints that the PC port wasn’t perfect, my current box doesn’t work well either (GTX970), so I haven’t got it working yet.

And very nice in the summer, I can stream it to a fairly light computer, which doesn’t draw much power because of it. My workstation…

In addition, live streaming of games with the most expensive Plus subscription will be possible from June 22 in all countries where PlayStation Now is currently available. This also includes the Benelux.

Well… you no longer have the option to subscribe to PS Now, there is simply no link to purchase it. Also you can no longer buy it through one of the other sites with cards/keys…

Yannick: You’re missing out on PS4 streaming in Premium.

Provides access to cloud streaming for the original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 Games offered in Extra and Premium categories in markets ** where PlayStation Now is currently available.

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