Sony launched the DualSense Edge console on January 26 for €239.99 – Games – News

It also depends on what kind of games people are playing, for example if you have assassins creed you move very calmly with sticks.
With Call of duty maybe a little faster, it depends on how sensitive you are.
If you are playing a racing game and have to take turns at breakneck speed, you handle sticks/triggers differently than when you play a killer game. And also the difference for each person, if you hold the console jerky and press hard on the sticks, they also suffer more. In a shooter game like Call of duty I have a spot where to aim and shoot with fenders (tactic flipped protective bird), because I know Dualsense triggers are more vulnerable than other controllers. The left trigger is the jump which is hardly necessary, the right trigger is the grenade. Some are a little outdated. :)

I just read a comment from someone above who took a precaution that if a game has spam on the bumper they use a different button, so I also mean it’s different for each game, I don’t know which games I have I always have to spam a button, and that Of course less useful for the console.
I don’t know many games where you have to go crazy with this console.
Yes maybe tekken, but then you can also use arrows instead of sticks.
I have a dual sense controller and an xbox controller here (not the elite)
He doesn’t like pushing and shoving the stick and he never tries to do that. I also always pay attention to how the console returns. And also the connection to the cable (with the xbox controller, the Dualsense has usb-c so it doesn’t matter much)

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