Sony Inzone M9 SDM-U27M90 Review

Sony Inzone M9 SDM-U27M90 Review


With the Inzone M9 SDM-U27M90, Sony is back as the maker of consumer monitors. In addition to the special design, the SDM-U27M90 offers excellent image characteristics: fast response times, low input lag, a wide brightness range and a neutral gray screen. Unfortunately, there is no sRGB mode for restoring colors from the DCI-P3 wide gamut. Our sample had good black homogeneity. Sony asks a high price for all this beauty, which is hundreds of euros more than the competition. The screen has a slightly better HDR display for this, but the local dimming is still too rough and the panel contrast is too small to display dark or high contrast HDR images.

A couple of weeks ago we got a surprising email from Sony: We wanted to test their new monitor a few weeks before the ban expired? The Japanese have been a staple in the TV market for decades, and they also produce professional displays for film production and medical applications, which can cost tens of thousands of euros, but Sony is no longer active in the consumer monitor market. In 2006, the brand pulled the plug. The disappointing sales numbers were the reason, so Tweakers Books when. “Trinitron picture tubes have given the group a major role on the CRT stage, but since the advent of LCD and other flat screen displays, Sony can no longer differentiate itself from the competition.” However, the spokesperson at the time said in reaction to the news that the department “didn’t do enough”.

In 2011 a new Sony screen appeared from the PlayStation section: playstation 3d screen† This 24-inch screen was intended to bring 3D technology common at the time to a wider audience. The screen was also 1080p, at a time when many consumers still had a 720p TV. Option to display two completely different screen images at the same time, thanks to the 3D function, so that two players in co-op mode have a full screen at their disposal.

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Sony Inzone M9 SDM-U27M90 may not be a PlayStation monitor; The screen that Sony is bringing back to the display market fits right in with the PS5 with its black and white design. In addition to the SDM-U27M90, the new Inzone line of gaming products, which Sony is announcing today, consists of a cheaper monitor, the SDM-F27M30, as well as three gaming headsets. The more expensive ones have active noise cancellation, just like WH-1000XM5-headphones.

Although the SDM-U27M90 does not have such a special feature as 3D display, the technical specifications of the new monitor may be present. Sony chose a 27-inch IPS panel with 4k resolution, which can display up to 144 frames per second. Of course, there are two HDMI 2.1 ports on the screen, the PS5 (or Xbox Series console) can be optimally used for PC users, as well as DisplayPort, there is also a USB-C input, with a built-in kvm switch for automatically connecting peripheral devices connected to two PCs. The SDM-U27M90 also has better HDR function than the majority of 4K. Game screens of this size. In addition to the promised relatively high peak brightness of 600cd/m² and 95 percent DCI-P3 coverage, it’s one of the few backlit monitors with Domestic complete set dimming, or fald, to increase contrast. With that said, it’s possible that Sony made a good 4k gaming monitor. This is also permissible, since the brand is aiming for a higher price tag: a new monitor should cost 1,100 euros, while 27 Inch 4K Competitive Gaming Monitors With HDMI 2.1 Pay less than 1000 euros. One such alternative, Samsung’s Odyssey G70A LS28AG700, costs almost half the price at €600 at the time of writing. In this review, we find out just how much the SDM-U27M90 is worth its (high) extra price.

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