Sony introduces colorful side panels for the PlayStation 5 in 2022 – Games – News

Sony will release color side panels for the PlayStation 5. The first installment will appear next year in black, red, pink, purple and blue colors. Before this Sony white sale only interfaces. However, many unofficial color paintings have been on sale for some time.

The side panels will be sold in black and red from January 2022. The remaining three suits should appear sometime in the first half of 2022. From the list of participating countries Who is the name of the company?It appears that the plates will not initially be available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Sony says the side panels should be available in more countries “during the year”. The cost of the paintings was not disclosed. Side panels will be available for both the digital version without discs and the regular version of the console.

In the past, Sony has ordered many unofficial side panel makers to stop. At the time of the PlayStation 5 release Sony threatened Sue CMP Shells for selling console skins without permission. DBrand Company announced this year Pauses the side panels after the same stop and stopMessage from Sony. CMP Shells are active again under the name Trezn and also DBrand still selling PS5 boards, although the company has modified the design. Last month Is Sony PS5 board design patent.

The new DualSense colors will also be available in January. The consoles were previously released in black and red, and now pink, purple, and blue have been added.

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