Sony announces Xperia phone next week will be smaller than its predecessor – tablets and phones – news

Putting your music on the SD card is the year 2005, most people listen to Spotify or another streaming service.

Great then I live comfortably between then and now, since most of the music I listen to isn’t even on streaming services.

And what it says, I have Spotify for that.

If you lose your device, and your photos are on the SD card, you will lose your photos as well. If your photos are in the cloud (from Google, Apple or …), you will only lose your device, but not your photos and other (indispensable) data.

Local backups are enough for me, especially considering that Google, Apple, Microsoft and a few others are very happy to ban your account outright because “the computer said you have an unauthorized photo in your cloud”

It’s good for those who like cloud backups, I won’t say anything about my privacy.

What do you need 256 GB storage?

Music and files, and my previous 128GB device could only handle that, so I had an extra memory card.

I don’t count movies/series/anime, I delete them after watching them

At the moment I still have 93.7 GB free, and that will remain so for now.

You are missing a 3.5mm connection…

I was waiting for someone to break it, until they mentioned it somewhere today.

…but you are using BT headphones yourself! This seems contradictory!

Since I don’t have a better option, the dongle breaks faster than I thought (or Apple crashes one from a third party, which was more stable but suddenly no longer works)

(By the way, you didn’t have a broken jack on the phone, but on some other cheaper equipment, but not on the stuff of any quality)

And yes I am a careful person with my things.

Plus, Apple has a pretty decent Lightning to 3.5mm dongle (it only costs ten!), and Belkin has a great USB-C to USB-C and 3.5mm dongle (charging and listening wired at the same time). The last one is bigger…

See my complaint directly above

There is already an Ali quality dongle starting at €3 and this is often undesirable. Spend a little money on it, and you’ll get good stuff.

I’ve never used AliExpress for anything, and I don’t buy scrap either.

Right. BT headphones will become the standard instead of wired and cloud storage instead of local (expandable) storage. Also for budget phones!

Ejection should also be done at the bottom, which is where most users are.

The latter is sarcasm of course, but unfortunately that’s the truth just as removing shipping blocks is better for the environment… (theoretically in an ideal world where not all of these companies care about money, but such companies actually do address and then not)

Some things are fine with the phone, some are already gone.

But some features are left out from the financial point of view (make more money), and this is a problem, a big problem even if you only look at the smartphone market.

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