Sony allows PS5 games to be streamed this month via PS Plus Premium – Games – News

I’ve always owned and played a Playstation, but this time I chose the ‘box’ option.

My choice was mainly due to poor hardware support on the PS, a new PS, I could buy a new steering wheel or an expensive gamepad that suddenly wasn’t supported anymore, Red dead 1 which was still 720p on the PS now, and the price went up on the subs Etc, plus two Sony TVs, both of which the screen stopped working after 2 years and 3 months and they let me down, the screens are no longer made, and yes I bought them the year they came on the market.

I only have an 80Mbit VDSL2 line with dual tethering, but I found waiting to download to be slow on PSN, what really bothered me was that the game took a long time to copy and then install.

PS Now streaming wasn’t as good as it is now with Xbox, and PS5 was also barely available for long, but anyway I’m done with Sony.

My experience with PSN or Xbox network is that Xbox network is much better and faster.
Oh, and I also think the PS5 is an ugly box.

Note: I still have the 80mb line…

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