Sonos bought a Dutch startup for $100 million

Sonos bought a Dutch startup for $100 million

Sonos has acquired the startup from Nieuw-Vennep today a favour. Technique i want It is considered a pioneer, according to Sonos, because it can make the speakers smaller without sacrificing sound quality.

Audio transducers are used in amplifiers to convert electronic signals into sound. The transformers used by Maiht are called Heartmotion Engines, will be able to get the same output as a conventional inverter twice the diameter. It will also balance the core motors, so the speakers don’t vibrate.

In addition, the technology requires much less energy to produce sound. According to Maiht, the core motors will be up to five times lighter in weight than competing inverters, without sacrificing production.

“We have always dreamed of setting a new standard in the audio industry,” said Matthias Schick, Mayht CEO. “Incorporating our technology into Sonos products will revolutionize high-quality audio.”

More details May

What is remarkable about the acquisition is its price tag. This shows how important Sonos thinks about technology. “Mayht’s breakthrough in inverter technology enables Sonos to take another leap forward in our product portfolio,” said Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO. Sonos will announce more details about the acquisition in May.

Mayht’s purchase comes after Sonos has been embroiled in multiple patent disputes in recent years. in january I won For example, Google sued, after it accused the tech giant of infringing its patent rights. The patent battle also plays a role in the new acquisition. Maiht says he has more than 50 patents and patent applications to his name.

TU Delft and Martin Garrix

Mayht was founded in 2016 by brothers Matthias and Timothy Schick. They comically made their first loudspeakers as children, after becoming fascinated with their father’s subwoofer.

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TU Delft invested in an early start-up. Matthias Schick previously studied industrial design there., co-founder Max van den Berg (CCO), Swedish company Exeger, and famous Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix have also invested in the company.

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