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Blind Squirrel Games promises to release a patch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate “as soon as possible”. The game recently came out on PC and consoles, but it has suffered from many bugs. The Nintendo Switch version of the game in particular has problems.

Community Manager Katie Cherzhanovsky thanks the players on Twitter For their comments and to indicate that issues are being considered. “We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received so far about Sonic Colors: Ultimate. We’re listening and working on a patch to release it as soon as possible.” In addition, the team asserts that they have also encountered “graphical issues” caused by playing the game through an emulator, which the developers cannot solve themselves.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate will be officially released on September 7, but players who purchased the Digital Deluxe edition can play the game since September 3. Soon after this early release, posts appeared on social media about bugs, crashes, and other stability issues, he also writes Eurogamer. These issues will mainly be on the Nintendo Switch version. Players reported, among other things, that they were out of range maps Has fallen or encountered severe visual errors.

Some of these bugs are said to affect players who play the game illegally through emulators on a PC, but GameXplain gives In the video for It has also encountered in-game errors on a legitimate Switch console. The video contains the glitches that the YouTube channel encountered during “normal gameplay,” but GameXplain notes that some bugs also require specific performance steps, and are therefore less likely to occur when players simply play the game.

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