Some Samsung phones are not getting Google Play updates

Some Samsung phones are not getting Google Play updates

Some Samsung smartphones have not received Google Play system updates for months. This is worrisome, because they are important to the security of your device. What is going on?

Read on after the announcement.

Update (Jan 5, 1:50 p.m.): Several Samsung smartphones are now receiving the November 2022 Google Play system update. This is what many of our readers are saying Android planet I know. This seems to have fixed the problem (for now).

Where are the Google Play system updates for Samsung?

Your smartphone software consists of different parts. Of course, a new version of Android comes out every year. The Google Also brings monthly Security update to keep intruders out. Then they are also released by other manufacturers.

In addition, there are updates to the Google Play system and this is currently going wrong with some smartphones Samsung. different readers Android planet You know their devices haven’t received an update since July 2022. These are users Samsung Galaxy S21 phone And the s 22but also Galaxy A53. These updates help keep your phone secure, so they’re nothing to worry about.

Samsung Galaxy A53

Problems seem to appear after updating smartphones to Android 13. However, it is difficult to say exactly where the bottleneck is. Manufacturers are responsible for regular security updates. However, Google is rolling out Google Play system updates to all Android devices.

Since the problem seems to only affect Samsung phones, you might think that something is wrong with the South Korean manufacturer’s software. Some users are getting the updates though, so we currently don’t know what exactly is going on.

Manual installation is possible

We’ve reached out to Samsung for clarification regarding the missing Google Play system updates. If we get an answer, we will of course update this article. It is also possible to manually download and install the November 2022 Update via APKMirror. When you restart your smartphone after this, it should be updated.

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