“Solar panels are safe, and installation problems often occur”

"Solar panels are safe, and installation problems often occur"

“Basically, solar panels are completely safe. It’s mainly about how you install them,” explains Johan de Vries, Safe Energy Transition Advisor for the Dutch Fire Brigade.

“A solar panel installation consists of many components. For example, what are the cables and inverters? You also have to take into account the bugs under the panel and different weather conditions. These are the chances of failure. But determining exactly what is the cause of the fire is sometimes difficult. “.

installation problems

Problems can also be caused by the installation company. “Residents often have no idea what they’re putting on their roofs,” says de Vries.

“They usually have boundless confidence in the installer, but they have no idea who is standing on their roof. If you find a less skilled installer, it can cause problems. In principle, anyone can install solar panels. A licensed electrician To submit contact.

summer heat

When asked about the potential for more fire hazards in the summer, again, the slab itself didn’t appear to be the culprit. “In principle, high temperatures don’t matter for a good composition,” says de Vries.

“For example, if there is less expensive and cheap wiring, it can have an effect during very sunny days. The temperature can go up to 80 degrees under a panel. If the installation is not quite right, it can cause problems. We also warn that Insects, which may take flammable objects under the baseboard.”

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