Solar Magazine – The United States is launching an investigation into import tax breaches on solar panels

Solar Magazine - The United States is launching an investigation into import tax breaches on solar panels

The U.S. Department of Commerce is launching an investigation into violations of import duties on solar cells and solar panels imported from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Axin Solar served earlier this year Request and Inquiry for Enforcement This is because import duties on Chinese solar panels via Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam will be avoided. It evokes memories of the European import tax file Numerous companies were penalized In order to avoid import taxes.

Axin Solar – San Jose, California-based solar panel maker – is one of the pioneers in conjunction with Suniva and Hanwa Q cells. Import taxes.

The ministry’s 16-page document informs Axin Solar officials that solar companies operating in the four countries involved are subsidiaries of major Chinese manufacturers, and that the products produced there are subject to anti – US and junk. Counter lines on solar energy products from China. The Ministry will take a preliminary decision on the matter within 150 days.

Deep disappointment
The American Clean Power Association (ACP) – the trade union that unites the American wind, solar and energy storage sectors – has expressed deep disappointment at the decision of the Biden administration. CEO Heather Gitchell said: “The ministry’s decision signals that the Biden administration’s rhetoric in favor of solar energy is empty rhetoric. If its commitment to a clean energy future is real, the government will reverse this decision immediately. U.S. workers will bear the brunt of the decision to allow a rogue adversary to abuse and manipulate trade laws. Day after day job losses and delays in sunlight projects important to the government’s climate agenda.

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Disaster impact
“Axin Solar, the only company looking for these tariffs, is reporting an increase in imports of solar cells not even manufactured in the United States,” said John Smirno, vice president and general adviser on SEIA’s marketing strategy. New developments. This is the company’s blatant attempt to unjustly gain competitive advantage to the detriment of other domestic solar panel manufacturers and the US solar industry in general. Axin’s attempt to abuse US trade laws is shocking and their petition should be dismissed. “

Abigail Rose Hopper, CEO of SEAI, joins Smirno: “The Department of Commerce has decided to reduce import tariffs by 50 to 250 percent, contrary to the Biden administration’s goal of promoting clean energy in the United States. Will have a devastating impact on the US solar market.

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