February 9, 2023

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Software Update: Wine 7.14 – PC – Downloads

I can only speak for myself about this. Since 2018, I have a new computer with Linux as the only operating system on it. I run my Windows games via Proton, which is actually a Wine add-on development specifically targeting games. I’m not interested in the FPS counter and performance overlays, so I can only say if it works “good enough”. Games from Steam, from Ubisoft, and “loose” games (without a launcher). I don’t have to do anything for Steam games, it just works by clicking install and run. I run Ubisoft and other games via Lutris, Proton’s graphical interface.

Among the Windows games I play on Linux, I rarely have to downgrade because it’s very choppy. Practically everything is running smoothly. Right now I have one game that is causing some issues, “Ready or not”, I shouldn’t use Optiwand to see the doors because the frame rate then drops to 5-10. If you keep that in mind, I can play it. And I had problems with Far Cry 4 and the blinkers (for trees). However, this problem also exists for some Windows users, and it is not limited to Linux. I solved this by allocating only one CPU core to this game.

I play a lot of co-op games with friends: Left 4 Dead 2, Company of Heroes 1/2, Deep Rock Galactic, Satisfactory, Factorio, Dying Light 1/2. All this just works. I have modified quite a few games. No problem with that either. It just works, even when I’m playing with others. You can usually activate mods just like in Windows. Even for Satisfactory I was able to activate mods, it has a special feature Linux Mod Manageralthough I had to search for it, because only the Windows manager is officially shown.

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What I’ve noticed is that when I’m at the loading screen for a Co-op session with others, I usually finish loading faster than the rest. Now I have a fairly fast computer, but still. When we played a second game, the loading speed was more even, and the cache is usually loaded on other Windows PCs.

As I said: I can only speak for myself. I no longer play competitive multiplayer, I’m too old for it. But what I want to do I can just play, without doing anything difficult. So far about 95-98% of the games I want to play. Sometimes I have to install a newer version of Proton for better support, and I have an app for that: select, click, install, activate and play. Beautiful and easy. I don’t have any issues with performance, it works well enough. I have no lag or loss in frame rate.

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