Software update: Ventoy 1.0.84 – Computer – Downloads

To install Windows, you can create a USB using the official Windows Media Creation tool. If Microsoft secretly wants to put things in your operating system; They don’t have to do it through that tool (;

For Linux you can check the official iso with MD5 hash and burn it to DVD, I think you can boot it directly from DVD.

But yes, you can also ask whether the burning program does not change anything, whether the MD5 hash on the website is really correct, whether there is no malware in Linux itself, or whether the world around you has a conspiracy.

You can also re-image Apple using network recovery mode and I think it’s well protected too.

But the thing is, it’s in the works with more than 80 developers; And they “verify” and maintain each other’s code.

If someone adds something suspicious, it is likely that it will be noticed and that person will lose all respect and credibility.

There are also simpler and more effective ways to distribute malware.

Another option for you is to use paid software and trust this company with their blue eyes.

The only option is really not to use a computer (or build your own with homemade chipset), because your network port might have a small 4G modem that transmits all the data 1 on 1 to the putin.

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