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sumo logo (79px) KC Software has released SUMo version 5.17.2. SUMo, which stands for Software Update Monitor, is a program that scans your computer for available software and then checks if newer versions are available. By installing a file driver agent It can also check for new drivers. The free version only tells you which software has a newer version available and provides a link to a general search page on the KC Softwares website. The Pro version often provides better download links that lead directly to the manufacturer’s download page, but the update remains a manual process, so you always have full control of your own system.

The pro version also has the option to update SUMo itself to a newer version and can also see if the computers connected to the local network have the latest updates via a clear webpage. In addition to the standard installer, there is also one portable Available version, which can do its job without having to install it first. Since version 5.17.0, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in SUMo version 5.17.2

  • 0007241: [Refactoring] German translation update
  • 0007237: [Refactoring] SUMo should distinguish between “Chome (Beta/Dev/Canary)” from “Chome”
  • 0007235: [Bug] NodeJS not specified correctly (LTS/Current)
  • 0007223: [Refactoring] “Sober Lemur Srl” (pdfsam) Legalization
  • 0007221: [Refactoring] Rationalizing the name “Blueberry Software”
  • 0007234: [Bug] Wrong version of “Logitech Media Server by Logitech, Inc.”
  • 0007224: [Refactoring] Update OpenSSL to 3.0.8
  • 0007222: [Bug] OpenSSL Vulnerability – Exploits Available (CVEs: CVE-2023-0286, CVE-2023-0215, CVE-2022-4450)

Changes in SUMo 5.17.1 version

  • 0007220: [Refactoring] Faulty file reported for Microsoft Edge
  • 0006424: [New Feature] EaseUS Todo PCTrans support
  • 0007215: [Refactoring] German translation update
  • 0007211: [Bug] Wrong version of “WinZip” reported due to “WinZip Secure Backup”
  • 0006931: [New Feature] Added support for the DBeaver community release database tool
  • 0007210: [Refactoring] FixWin v10 for Win10 should be distinguished from v11 for Win11
  • 0007212: [Refactoring] “Steve Gray” should now appear as “AutoHotkey Foundation LLC”
  • 0007197: [Refactoring] To be filtered “Create a portable text board”

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